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I suspect you guys now hold several Robin Hood Events records.... firstly - the wettest event day on record, which wouldn't have been so bad had the rain/hail not been coming in sideways !!

The second record would have to be the fact that no one asked to stop !!! that is some serious attitude right there !! ... and even amidst the sheeting rain and howling gale you could still hear the cheers as Management drew level ...

The fact that anyone hit anything would normally be an achievement... however today we saw some spectacularly good archery - bloody well done !! - I am glad you are coming back in August when you will be treated to some summer weather and I will be treated to your happy smily faces again ...Here are a few pics...Cheers guys..

Management - WINNERS !!

Workshop - WINNERS

Folks I really hope you will help me out by sticking a quick testimonial on the comments page - there is nothing like word of mouth and recommendation to help us let everyone know what a bloody good day out a day of archery with us is... it would mean a lot - cheers Steve

Oh by the way, if you don't already get our monthly newsletter why not sign up in the box on the right. We only use your mail address for the newsletters and never share it with anyone, you may opt out at any time, but we do have special offers and special events which are only available through the newsletter hope to see you all again soon- Steve

Special offer available NOW at our Kent venue Just £49 per person on our standard weekend experience days.. Thats a £20 per person DISCOUNT!!.

Next Date with availability Sunday 30th April - few places remaining - call now to book

Our Gift voucher is valid for the whole of the 2017 season....Call now to purchase

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