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Johns Birthday

Happy Birthday John !! - What a great day, super fun to run and with that lovely sunny weather mixed with archery and your wonderful company what more could anyone want ??

There was some startling archery going on and the improvement by days end was a sight to behold - very well done...

I enjoyed your company so much that I shall be looking out for your return, and in the mean time here are a few images to remind you of your archery day.. Oh yes.. and some results !..

Team Headshot 107

The Experts 102

Team yamaha 99

Team Casey 94

The Pratt 92

Foreigners & vegetarians 92

The individual was a nail biter with 2 of the finest archers to grace the Robin Hood Events archey field...Gasp !!.

James the Magnificent 39

Ian the bold 32

We now have a special box on the Testimonial page where you can leave a comment directly on the website... we do rely on word of mouth and recommendation it helps us let others know that Robin Hood Events is genuinely a superb day out, so please, if you have had a cracking day help us to pass on the word by leaving a testimonial.. cheers

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