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Pias Last Arrow

Well the weather turned out to be perfect !.. if not totally perfect then at least not raining - not that it would have mattered because you folk were up for some fun and a bot 'o' weather wasn't going to stop you.

A staggeringly talented group, you were all on the money within just 3 practice ends... that's something of a record - the competition was actually very close and toward the end all the teams really started to get it together..

The real point of today was fun.. and that's exactly what we had..

Get the point 119

Red Arrows 118

Broken Arrows 92

Alconsis 86

The individual... 4 superb archers going head to head with no holds barred.... Pias last arrow would have given her outright victory - we can't be sure what went rong as we never found it !!

David 29+++


Mat 24

Pia 22

Here are some photos to remember the day- some great shots of you folks in the late summer sunshine..some of these will be on my wall for sure !! ;-)... stick 'em on facebook and mention our name.... thanks Steve

Folks .. we rely absolutely on word of mouth and recommendation.. if you had a fun day please leave a comment on our testimonial page - it helps us to convince people to give us a try.... thanks. Please come again soon... that was FUN !! All the best Steve

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