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You always wanted to try archery... now is your chance... our archery experience days bring you together with others of a like mind, you can book as an individual or with friends, we provide everything you need including bow your own individual set of arrows and all the kit you need.. We operate every Saturday and Sunday... but you will need to book as our days fill quickly.

You will encounter over 20 differently themed game zones, we have over 70 Life-Sized 3 dimensional Big Game targets such as Wild Boar, Deer, Bears, Lions, Tigers, Beavers, Bufffalo and even Rats... New for 2020 The Zombie Zones ..thats not all though, there are moving targets, things to smash along with Games of speed, Games of skill and team games which will require the team to work together... you will each get your own kit as we provide everything you need and you can expect to shoot hundreds of arrows over the day... all of this wrapped up in our incredible game format. Above all the day is about fun see the Testimonial page and you will see why our return rate is almost 100%

Hi Steve,

Had to send you a massive THANKS for yesterdays event.
Feedback was overwhelmingly great from all our group of 15 and you guys deserve a pat on the back well deservedly. You have created something there which anyone cannot fail to enjoy especially as a group event with some of your mates.
Very well organised, friendly, challenging, but with a true sense of achievement and above-all, value for money. From our group I am certain we will have a re-run with most if not all of the guys, Not to mention some new "Greenhorns" that will come along once the word has spread.
I know you operate as a business but very often you don't get the thanks you deserve I am sure - to set the record straight and if this ends up on your web page as a testimony to how good it actually is I have a message to anyone "thinking" about it - DO IT! Of of the 15 guys in my group yesterday they all would give a 10 out of 10 for enjoyment, value for money and humorous achievement. You guys know what your doing and do it well.
Thanks to you Steve and your crew of 2 - You made our day very memorable - Thank you & pass on my thanks to them also.
Finally - your comment of untold evening events was true - We all ended up a complete mess alcohol wise to complete the Stag Day and on top of our great day of Archery I have no complaints about my bad head today ... Worn with a smile - Thanks!
Regards - See you again for sure.
Pete and his gang of "Merry Men"    

Hi Steve,

Thanks for a great day. We were all full of it following our day with you and it surpassed our expectations. We enjoyed every aspect of the day, the good weather, lots of good advice and tips from the team of professionals throughout the day, a great lunch, plenty of good banter and a good level of competitiveness but not too testosterone fuelled!! Great photo's as well. Thanks once again, and I'm sure you'll be seeing us soon

Take Care

Special offer available NOW at our Kent venue Just £49 per person on our standard weekend experience days.. Thats a £20 per person DISCOUNT!!.

The New Super Amazing Robin Hood venue opening 2020... Expect the unexpected !!

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