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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to bring?

A. All of the kit you need will be provided, this includes Olympic Recurve bow, Arrows, both sharps and blunts, a quiver, bracer and tab. The only thing we recommend is some stout footwear, the zones are in natural terrain which is an intrinsic part of the game.

Q. What should I wear?

A. There is no regulation clothing. Wear what ever you find comfortable, preferably NOT loose and baggy clothing as you may find that this interferes with the string of the bow when at full draw. You will find that close fitting clothing especially on the torso and arms will be helpful. Some teams may wish to wear team colours or dress the same, this is not necessary but may boost team morale.

Q. What sort of catering is provided?

A. In the field our menu is based around a Bar-B-Q. Served in our rustic HQ, you will love the Spit Roast Chicken served on proper plates at the tables.

Q. What time does it start and finish?

A. We like to start at 10 am sharp, we recommend at least 15 mins for kit issue, but you may turn up any time from 6am onwards!!. Finishing time is usually around 3:30pm-ish

Q. Can I bring my own bow and arrows?

A5. Happily we provide everything you will need, all our bows and arrows are tuned to perfection.

Q. I have never shot a bow before; will I be able to do it?

A6. Yes. We have bows with draw weights starting at 12lb, coupled with the fact that we have a highly skilled team of instructors, we guarantee that within a very short time you will be hitting the targets.

Q. Will the teams I shoot against be at the same level as me?

A. I'm glad you asked that. Yes. We do our best to ensure that teams that have played before compete against others at a similar level. Of course you always have the option to book the whole arena for a group of your own, that way you know who you will be playing against.

Q.Did the two finger salutes really originate from medieval archers waving them at their enemies?

A.Yes. In fact I have in my possession an incredibly rare photograph taken at the battle of Agincourt, its a little fuzzy due to being 598 years old, but if you look carefully you can just make out the English archers waving their fingers furiously at the French!!!!.

Q. At what distance will I be shooting?

A. The game zones are unique in that every zone requires a different skill. Range will vary from 15 feet up to 300 feet, and the target size from the size of a clay (ooopps- mustn't give too much away) to a target over 144 square feet.

Q. What age groups can take part?

A. Anyone over the age of 12 can play, however those under 16 need their parent or guardian to sign a disclaimer on their behalf, but we do insist on children being accompanied by a responsible adult.

Q. Do I have to book a whole team in to play?

A No. many people who book do so as an individual or with a couple of friends, we allocate the teams on arrival if you do not have a full 5, which is the standard team size.

Q. I am coming from a long way away, can you recommend a good hotel or B&B.

A. Yes. We are happy to recommend Reynolds Farm at Chislet for details phone 01227 860203 and be sure to mention Robin Hood Events.

Its just a few minutes drive from the game zones. See our links page for full details.

Q. I've got more questions to ask that you haven't answered here.

A. In that case get on the phone or e-mail us and ask away and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have. It's no trouble, because this is what we do!

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